September Altar

One of my regular practices is a daily altar ritual. I usually set up my weekly altar on Sunday, feeling into the energy of the week and what I want to focus on.

This week we have the first new moon after the Total Eclipse. She is in Virgo and is already showing her power. She brings more change and the need to flow and adapt. She also reminds us of our deepest most painful wounds that want to be acknowledged and nursed.

It is also September…. All the energies of our personal year are intensified and brought clearly to the surface this month.

And it is the Autumn Equinox. A time to celebrate harvest, honor balance and give thanks.

Radical change is in the air… do you feel it too?

My altar this week-

Apple root: this root that looks like an apple.

Years ago in Germany, I had an apple tree in my front yard. My children learned to climb in this tree, fell out of it, and hid among its many leaves. It was the center of our afternoons for several years. As autumn approached the older children climbed the branches and shook the boughs while the little ones and I gathered our tree’s ripened gifts.

This root was found when a misguided landlord, uprooted our precious tree to make way for a new drive pad. Tears running down my face, I knelt to the ground caressing the trunk and roots of our constant companion as my children came running shouting cries of grief. We said our goodbyes and asked of our tree one last gift. Each of us found a token to cherish. Mine was growing amidst the roots, as above so below.

I have carried it with me all these years to remind me of the sweet and full and busy seasons of mothering and nurturing.

I place it this week on my altar to bring my focus to home, harvest and promise; growth and impermanence.

Hawk feathers: since the eclipse I have been gifted 2 feathers from Hawk.

I place them on my altar to remind me to pay attention to everything this week, and keep a higher perspective.

Cauldron: my little vessel of deep symbolism. This week she anchors my focus on inner alchemy. Fire and water; wood and metal; earth and air… Yin and Yang….. All is sacred…..

Zinnias: these flowers first discovered in the wilderness of Mexico carry many meanings. I am most drawn to a common name for them: garden Cinderella. I place them on my altar to honor my ongoing transformation.

Spiral statue: All of life moves in a spiral not a circle… the spiral of my life begins in my womb and connects me to the universe. I set her on my altar, I remember this and know the unknown, ever returning yet always evolving and never the same path is mine to follow.

When the winds (energies) of change are blowing so fiercely through mind and body, I also feel the need for support from the bones of Mother Earth.

Fluorite: I was gifted this raw gemstone from the person who harvested it. Fluorite has a strengthening effect on bones and teeth. It is a highly protective ally, especially on a psychic level and from outside influences. It helps bring chaos into order and promotes stability. As I set this gift on my altar, I connect with its spirit, who shows himself to me as an old Taoist monk. I remember to ground and center myself, to bring my bones into resonance with the Mother’s bones.


Every morning I sit by my altar. Lighting a candle I focus on each object for a moment and listen deeply to the message it has for me today. I then do other grounding and centering practices. This daily ritual helps me to align my mind and body with my soul and to consciously harness the energies impacting us instead of being overwhelmed by them.

I cannot avoid being affected by energies, neither cosmic waves nor the emotions of others. What I can do is harness those energies so that the effects are less painful and overwhelming … so that the changes that are inevitable come with ease. Just like any birth, we do not choose how quickly or how painful the process will be. We can only choose to be present with what is and breathe.

May your practice serve and support you well.