Your Healing Power Within

6 Week Class – Embodiment

This series will support you in grounding your spirit into your body and bringing balance to your system.

What does being grounded look and feel like?

You are truly present and deeply relaxed in your body, moving through the world from your deepest center. In this state there is no mind chatter. You feel every bit of your body, and your movements are intentional, strong, effortless and fluid.

Your intuition (thoughts that arise from within) leads you effortlessly through life (your movement, actions and response).

You do not perceive yourself as separate from your body. You are not a bright spirit encaged within a physical form. You take ownership and are one with it. You feel the aliveness within life. You have brought your compassionate awareness to all of your organs and bones, your muscles and blood, each of your cells. You as Soul become intertwined with the physical, no longer separate. Every cell pulsates with spirit. It is Soul that engages the body in a mystical dance through matter.

Class times:

Tuesday October 4th – Tuesday November 8th

7 pm – 9 pm

Cost for entire series is $144

Early bird registration till September 26th  extended til 30th!! $99

Classes will be held at:

29 Ravenscroft Dr. Suite #206 Asheville, NC 28801

To register please email or call 828-275-8521

Maximum 8 participants