Winter Solstice ~ the Portal Opens

The longest night, the shortest day. Today we stand in the threshold. It is the turning point… after today the light returns ….days will get longer, and the nights shorter again…. But first, before the juices begin making their way upwards again…. Stillness rules….all energies, even the light pauses…

When we consciously engage with the energies of the winter solstice, we find darkness, stillness and the urge to Do nothing… actually it may be sensed as a lack of urge to Do something…. Honor this feeling….it is an invitation to sink into your own depths, to access those parts that are standing in the way of you walking your Soul path. Before we begin to clear the old and invoke the new, we must identify and hold space for what is ready to be cleared and what longs to emerge.

In preparing for the 12 Nights, this time of year when we can most easily access both the natural forces and the depths of our soul, we have the opportunity to use these forces to clear the way for our Soul Purpose to come into full expression over the next year….

The Winter Solstice comes this year on the heels of the Sagittarius New Moon and Saturn has moved into Capricorn, setting our direction for the next 30 years. All this is happening as the earth focuses directly on the galactic center.

The intensity of this energy is urging us to allow our Soul Truth to emerge.

The intensity of this energy can easily be overwhelming, bringing up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING standing in the way of your most fundamental Truth to be cleared. On a personal level that means suppressed emotions, physical pains, illness and increased “problems” in every area of our lives. On a collective level the same thing is happening…ALL that is not in alignment with the fundamental truths of our collective consciousness is coming to the forefront to be cleared and healed. This movement has been going on for some time….Now the intensity increases.

To heal and clear the shadow aspects of our lives, both personal and collective, the shadow must be brought into the light. It must be seen and it must be seen without judgment.

To do this we must become curious. We must Wonder. Upon seeing the darkness we must not allow our first reactions of judgment to stay with us. Your first reaction is the one that arises out of your ancestry and conditioning…that which is not your own. Allow it to simply pass, a thought form that floats away, and replace it with compassionate curiosity.


Exercise for the Winter Solstice :

Here is the link to the audio Meditation –

Find a warm and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. Have your journal or notebook and something to write with ready.

Listen to the guided meditation.

After the meditation, immediately allow yourself to sink deeper….into the root of your being.

Feel the darkness.

Taste your darkness.

If fear arises, allow yourself to be afraid.

And at the same time also allow yourself to become curious……hmmmmm…..I wonder…. What is ready and ripe to be healed….what wants to be seen the most?….What wants my attention?

Does your darkness have a sound? Does it have a word? Does it have a name?

Hmmmm…..What is that beneath your darkness? What is it that is longing to emerge? Can you sense it?

Whatever it is that arises, simply allow it to be there.

Give it your attention…your compassionate curiosity.

Allow it to be seen and heard and held.


Continuing to hold space for your darkness and also that which is longing to emerge, open your eyes and immediately begin writing down or drawing your impressions.

Allow your intention for the 12 Nights to arise from this exercise. Tonight before going to sleep, you may like to review your journal and ask for a dream to help clarify your intention.

Over the next 2 days, continue to hold the space for your darkness and that which is longing to emerge. You may want to repeat the exercise in the evenings before bed.

Additional activities: Begin clearing and tidying your physical living and working spaces, all the while holding space for the darkness within. Maybe cleaning out your refrigerator, pantry, your email boxes and/or that one drawer that collects all the odds and ends.