I clairvoyantly perceive 8 distinct bodies. The physical body and 7 energy bodies. In my experience and perception, pain and illness occur when, due to trauma or shock, one or more of the energy bodies “stick” to the physical body. The origin of this trauma may lie in this life, or it may lie with one’s ancestors. This trauma has also hindered an aspect of your Soul from fully incarnating and expressing itself in your lived experience.

In my experience, Transformation and Healing happen when a trauma is identified and that traumatized part of ourselves is Embraced in Radical Compassion – Radical Compassion provides a gateway for the Divine Creative Force of the Universe/ Divine Intelligence to transform and heal.

Through my own spontaneous healing experiences and years of practice and cultivation, my body is able to hold a strong presence of Radical Compassion.

When we come together, whether in person or from a distance, this presence ignites your own compassionate presence.

Together we hold sacred space for Divine Intelligence to work miracles.

Medical Intuitive Consultation:

In these sessions, I clairvoyantly percieve your energy systems and bodies. My main focus is on the systemic causes of your pain and illness not a causal event. In my 20+ years experience in Energy Medicine ~ the events are not what needs to be healed – it is the resulting changes in your systems that need to be addressed for the deepest long term benefits.

Session includes Reading, healing resources suggestions, recording of session.

Sessions are per telephone or zoom and are 60 min

Cost for a consultation is $180


Private Energy Healing Session:

In these sessions we will relax into stillness. Together we look to the origin of your challenge and compassionately hold the space for Divine Intelligence to transform and heal.

The traumatized part of your Being begins to relax, feeling held and safe. The aspect of your soul that was hindered from expressing itself in your life begins to embody, taking the place of the trauma.

You come away more capable of dealing with challenges and experiencing relief from concerns.

Private energy healing sessions with Ro are available at $180.

Waiting time varies from 1 to 3 weeks.

If you are interested in private energy healing session, please follow the link below.

Energy healing session via phone or Zoom :

Energy Healing Session