This is Me

Tammy Coffee

As a medical intuitive and healer, Tammy Coffee has inspired many people all over the world with her breakthrough methods for healing the body and mind.

As a spiritual mentor she assists others in realizing and expressing their soul purpose through the practice of descending into the physical, Claiming and embodying every aspect of the Whole Self.

Years ago, following a near fatal car accident, Tammy had an all- encompassing death/spontaneous healing/rebirth experience. The events of that cold, dark night radically and fundamentally changed her life. Realizing she had witnessed and received a “miracle”, it became her primary focus to learn how to replicate the healing and transformation she had experienced and share that with others.

She subsequently studied with many global intuitive masters and well – known experts refining and honing her in-born gifts. Devoting thousands of hours to her practice and spiritual studies over the course of many years, she has developed a series of simple yet profound healing practices to excavate, enhance and expand your health, your purpose, and your joy.

After living and practicing for 23 years in Germany, she now resides in Asheville North Carolina.




Wondering what a Medical Intuitive is? Be sure to read this article written by the wonderful author Nicki Glasser in the Mountian Xpress. Oh yeah, I’m in it too.