The 4th Dimension in Healing ~ Part 4

You can choose where your conscious attention is directed.


What are you thinking about? Right now? 5 seconds ago?


The thoughts you entertain direct your attention.

(the thoughts you entertain give you a good idea of where your true attention actually is)

Most of your energy is not with your thoughts.

Most of your energy is used to keep your shadows in the dark, to protect your core wound and to keep the conflict between your core wound and your deepest values.


Your darkest shadow is the conflict between your core wound and your deepest values. Your core wound is where your deepest fears lie.

Your deepest values are the playground/ garden in which your soul wants to play.

As long as you choose to put your conscious attention primarily on what is happening outside of yourself, your unconscious will rule your life. Which means the greater part of your energy will be tied up

As so much of your energy is tied up, you feel the need to gather energy from outside sources.

The easiest source for energy is from other people in the form of their attention. The way you manipulate others into giving you their attention (energy) is directly tied to your core wound/shadow

Your biggest problem is the fact that you are cut off from the Source of energy within you.

You are looking to be fed from outside of yourself.

Your core wound is that which has been built like a wall around your access to your source energy.

This source is deep within your body, located in your pelvis, protected by the first 3 chakras. As long as you are cut off from source, you will engage in drama and behaviors to secure energy from others.

Once you become aware of your primary control drama and what value/wound you are protecting (where your energy is engaged) you can consciously choose to direct your attention on embodying a more expansive aspect of your True Self


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