The 4th Dimension in Healing ~ Part 2

What does being embodied look and feel like?

When you are embodied you are truly present and deeply relaxed in your body, moving through the world from your deepest center. In this state there is no mind chatter. You feel every bit of your body, and your movements are intentional, strong, effortless and fluid.

Your intuition (thoughts that arise from within) leads you effortlessly through life (your movement, actions and response).

You do not perceive yourself as separate from your body. You are not a bright spirit encaged within a physical form. You take ownership and are one with it. You feel the aliveness within life. You have brought your compassionate awareness to all of your organs and bones, your muscles and blood, each of your cells. You as Soul become intertwined with the physical, no longer separate. Every cell pulsates with spirit.

It is Soul that engages the body in a mystical dance through matter.

To begin the process of embodiment, you begin grounding into your body and before you begin that, it is really important for you to know what to expect

Being grounded is being very present in your body.

For many people, being more fully engaged with the body and grounded into it is comforting in the beginning. Many describe the physical feeling as being heavy, they feel shorter, more compact, their legs and feet tingle. A sense of calmness and peace overcomes one.

Being in the body means feeling it!

All of it.

This is where it often gets messy; and sometimes confusing.

When you are present in your body, you will begin to feel all the feelings you have not wanted to feel.

If you are like most people, you began leaving your body in early childhood. There were feelings that were too big, too overwhelming to be fully felt in the tiny body you inhabited at the time.

These not felt feelings are not necessarily all “negative”, sometimes, actually quite often our young selves felt overflowing joy that wanted to be expressed through loud singing, laughing and/or dancing and we were chastised for it, usually vehemently. That in itself was enough to cause us to disengage from those feelings. And in doing so, we disengaged from the body.

These feelings have been stored in your body and as you return to it, those feelings will arise to be felt.

Physical pain and discomfort may also emerge in the form of long forgotten issues/ discomforts you “used to” have. Old injuries may flare up, pain and discomfort you are experiencing now may get “worse”.

That doesn’t seem fair now does it? You want to feel better not worse!

 Because parts of you will come up and say exactly that, “it’s not fair” “I don’t want that hurt” that Self-care becomes paramount.

Self -care is not grounding, though some do describe it that way. Self-care is what helps keep us in our bodies, and is absolutely necessary to ensure not only the process of healing but to being healthy in every aspect of our being and to fulfilling the expression our Soul longs for. The self- care I am speaking of is not bubble baths and chocolate. Though that certainly feels fabulous and can be a wonderful treat and needed respite.

The self- care I speak of is self-compassion. Not only the cessation of negative judgement and berating self-talk, but gentle acceptance of the one doing the judging and berating.

One deeply supportive self-care practice is listening to the body and the traumatized parts of one’s self with compassionate curiosity. One way to begin doing this is to lay a hand gently on the part of you that is hurting or uncomfortable and to quietly say “Hmmmmm…..I wonder”. Just “I wonder”…. Don’t even wonder what yet. No expectations. No judgements.

Do this.

As your practice.

Just for today.


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