The 4th Dimension in Healing ~ Blog Series

Part 1


Your body is an amazing creature.

 It heals itself.

It self- regulates, self- rejuvenates, and self- repairs.

Nothing else outside of the body can perform this.

No person. No treatment. No surgery. No medicine.

External factors can, at the most, support the body in its functions and at the very least, stop hindering and interfering with it.

If this is so, then why do we sometimes stay sick and why do we even get sick in the first place?

We could talk about causes for illness such as bacteria and viruses, pesticides and hormones in our food, dirty air and contaminated water, stress, cigarettes and alcohol, fat and sugar…. The list could & does go on and on.

And yes, all these things will make us sick. But is it the only Truth?

In 1997, I experienced the spontaneous and instantaneous healing of my crushed left hand following a near fatal car accident. Since that night I have been on a mission to learn the whole truth about healing; to learn how it was possible for broken bones to not only heal overnight but to realign themselves without surgery. To learn how it is possible for wounds to disappear as if they had never been there? To learn what else can heal so quickly and completely?

One of the first things I learned was – suffering and illness and even injury result from not living my truth, from not being grounded and centered in alignment with my soul, in other words “embodied”.

When my thoughts and behaviors are not a reflection of the expression my soul is yearning for, then I am on autopilot. And when I am on “autopilot”, forces other than my own conscious awareness are forming my reality.

What does this all really mean?

The process of embodiment is the process of consciously continuing our incarnation. The incarnation process began the moment you were conceived and continues on today.

Your soul was attracted to the body you now inhabit at the moment of conception. It then surrounded the developing embryo – touching and tasting the flesh, becoming acquainted with it, beginning to know it. At the moment of birth – just as you left your mother’s body – your soul began to enter your body slowly, bit by bit – for if this happened any faster, the body would be overwhelmed. The bright light of the soul would overload the body’s nervous system.

Now, just as when you were conceived, the Soul is still surrounding your body. Imagine a shimmering opaque donut… a torus…. within a sphere, and your body is standing in the center of this sphere, right in the hole of the donut.

This is your Soul Sphere

Your body has an entire energy system. The soul sphere is primarily connected to the nervous system of the body through 2 entry points …. One at the base of the skull and one at the base of the spine.

You can imagine the Soul energy as a sort of electrical energy, just as the information flowing through your nervous system is electric in nature.

Energy informs the cells and blood, which informs the organs, bones and other physical systems, enlivening the body.

As stated above, the incarnation process begins at conception and ideally continues through childhood into young adulthood. Always in cycles and rhythms until about age 21 and then the integration process begins and continues until ages 27 -32. Ideally by age 32 a soul is fully incarnated and integrated into the body.

But in reality the process is disturbed…

The reasons for disruption are many and varied.

  1. Trauma of the ancestors- the changes brought about in the DNA of the ancestors that is passed on to the progeny will only allow a superficial (automatic) connection of the soul to the cells. Only enough to activate the trauma in the cell. Hindering the full occupancy of the soul.
  2. Lived emotional trauma- causes the disengagement of the soul to the particular cells /part of the body that is involved
  3. Intense, overwhelming emotions that are felt but rebuked by outside forces (parents, caregivers) or inner anguish ( not being comforted and led through the experiencing of emotions)

These are a few, but most certainly not all of the most prevalent causes for the incarnation and integration process to be hindered.

When we are not fully embodied and in alignment with our Soul, every shock (whether physical, mental or emotional) can and usually will be the actual cause of illness.

In order to be whole and that means to heal and be healed – we must embody these parts of soul that desire expression, integrating them into our Body/Mind.

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