Th 4th Dimension in Healing ~ Part 3

You did not choose the bad things that happened to you in your life. Even if you did happen to grow from them. NO ONE chooses the bad, negative, hurtful and unfortunate or tragic things that happen; whether they are accidents or illnesses, attacks or abuse.

What I have observed and found confirmation of in ancient Taoist teachings and shamanic healing practices from all over the world, is summed up as this-

“90% of our problems are caused by our ancestors.” Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

·        90% of the situations you experience, the illness you develop, even the thoughts running in your mind- are not yours.

In its most simple form on the physical level, your body is made of cells- these cells are carrying the information of your ancestors. Emotional trauma turns genes on and/or off and is passed down through the generations. We all carry ancestral memory within us, and it is these memories that are triggered within us beginning in childhood that are the major determinants of our life path.

When those in the new age movement claim we all create our own reality and that everything happens for a reason, that we choose for the situations in our lives to happen in the way they happen… what are the most common reactions?

·         Guilt… I created this bed of nails, now I have to lie in it.

·        Anger…. No one chooses to be born as a poor hungry child that dies in war, or no one chooses to be abused, raped, murdered or worse.

And that is absolutely true. No one chooses the bad things that happen to them.

When you are born and begin to incarnate into this world, you inherit a body that carries the emotional imprints of a least 7 generations of your ancestors. The unique mixture of these emotional imprints from both maternal and paternal sides affects how you experience your environment and how you express yourself. These are further defined in childhood.

The memories and emotional trauma of our ancestors that we carry in our bodies chooses for us. (Law of attraction explained.) This means, we unconsciously choose behaviors and situations that repeat/ match our ancestors behaviors and circumstances.

Until it doesn’t anymore; that is until we make that fact conscious and choose to live differently.

Living differently is consciously choosing to inhabit your cells, to claim your health, your circumstances, and your life as your own. Transforming the trauma of your ancestors into the gifts they were meant to be.


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