Spiritual Mentoring Program

I am now offering both in-person and distance mentoring consisting of weekly in person meetings and /or phone calls/skype sessions lasting 1 – 1 ½ hrs each.

This program may be for you if you are an intuitive, sensitive, empath, healer, creative, etc and are needing direction in discovering and following your own personal path, coming into alignment with your true nature, accessing your natural genius, and navigating the effects of the radical energetic, emotional, physical and social changes we all are facing.

Every week I guide you back to yourself- for within you exists your most perfect wisdom, the answers to all of your questions – again and again supporting you to align with your true nature and access your individual brilliance until this state of being is integrated into your everyday life.

In these sessions we follow the energy of the moment and address What. Is. Now. What is wanted, what is needed, what wants to happen now? Sometimes it is energy work, sometimes reflection for deeper understanding or change of perspective; sometimes it is specific ritual, meditation or other practices. It is always individual to you.

This mentoring program has grown out of my own personal process navigating the changes and energies that come with radical awakening and integrating those experiences into everyday life. The past 20 years I have stumbled and fumbled, suffered from debilitating “mysterious” illness and pain, realigned my energy bodies and channels, healed, listened deeply and learned the value of daily practice and focus.

Suggested duration: at least 6 months

Cost: sliding scale of $120- $250 per month

If you are interested, please email