Wondering what a Medical Intuitive is? Be sure to read this article written by the wonderful author Nicki Glasser in the Mountian Xpress. Oh yeah, I’m in it too.

http://mountainx.com/living/medical-intuitives-seeing-the-way-to-better-health/ Read More…

” Life has a way of testing a person´s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” – Paulo Coelho


Those times in life. Yeah, you know those times. When you´re chomping at the bit, pawing the sand, ready to go. And then Life says, oh.no. – not.just.yet.

You know. When everything could happen.

But nothing does.

Then, there are the times where everything happens all at once. Right?! New clients start coming in, the house is ready to be moved into, school starts, new routines want to be made, business takes off, the phone is ringing, the emails overflowing.

So what is up with that ? What ever happened to balance?

I believe that “Balance” is a Lie. Yep. A LIE. Read More…

This post was originally at my Sister´s Blog space littlecoffeebeans.com

As my sister was preparing to birth her second child, I found myself reflecting once again on my own birth experiences, and the lessons birthing taught me. Birth is a major life event, pushing a woman to grow beyond every limit she has ever known. With each birth, not only is a child born, but a mother is born as well; each child born has its own Mother, for a Woman changes with each birth experience. Read More…