November Altar ~ Ancestors~week 4

The Grandmothers are in my heart and now the join me on my Altar.

Grandmother Handiwork: Her hands were rarely idle. She crocheted, knitted, stitched, gardened, harvested, baked, researched our genealogy and she was the first person in our family to have a personal computer. She was still attending her weekly line dancing class in her late 80’s! She bridged the past with the present and through her devotion, discovered our ancestors were from south Germany and the Cherokee nation. She also loved to travel and did it often. She was as prim and proper as a well bred southern woman should be, could give “the eye” better than anyone I’ve ever met, and still had the most mirthful belly laughs.

Memaw, what I really would like from you……some of your talent for organization, your diligence and dedication; some of your ability to do All The Things with grace, because you loved doing the Things.

May we all find our love of what we do and do what we love.

Next Altar addition ~ 11-26-17