November Altar ~ Ancestors~ week 3

Today I add my paternal grandfather to my Altar. He was my first spiritual teacher and by his side was the safest space of my childhood.

Grandfather Crystal: My paternal grandfather was a rock hound, herb gardener, artist and to me a deeply spiritual man who had his communion outdoors. He told me the stories and legends of our indigenous ancestors as we walked in the forests, weeded his garden, canoed through the swamps and dug in the dirt looking for angel stones and crystals.

I light my candle and feel the bones my grandfather first taught me about. I feel his presence in the crystal I have before me. Through him I wish to deepen my connection to our ancestors and the to land where they both thrived and suffered.

May we all hear and heed the warning whispers of our ancestors.

Next Altar addition ~ 11-21-18