Shifting into Radical Compassion


Navigating the energetic, emotional, physical and social changes that are happening Now.

We are all co creators of the world we live in. The state of the world today is a direct reflection of what each and every one of us carries within.

Many of us ask ourselves what we can do to contribute to the healing and change that must happen …. I deeply believe we must find our own personal Right Action. To find this Right Action within ourselves we must be in alignment with who we really are…. not the stories of either our ancestors or our collective conditioning.

We are being called:

*To allow the collective fear, pain, anger and grief to open the deep ancestral wounds hidden within our bodies that we may heal them and uncover and embody the gifts of radical compassion, passion, truth, wisdom, vision and awareness

*To stand deeply rooted in our centers holding space for awakening and change.

*To recognize anger as a catalyst and learn to use the energy of this emotion to fuel the creations that are in alignment with peace and prosperity for all

**To focus on a common vision of liberation and harmonious development for humanity.

*To use the tension created by the collective fear and outrage to create the peace and prosperity we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren.


This intensive will support you in beginning a regular practice or in deepening and expanding your existing one. It will also support you in navigating the energetic changes happening to and around you and others.

I will share with you specific ancestral healing rituals and meditations, grounding and rooting Qigong and embodiment exercises

Practicing in a group we activate and influence the collective field in a much more powerful way than by ourselves.

This is a 30 day online course consisting of 4 weekly 1 hour live calls and we will stay connected via a secret Facebook group where I will give support, answer questions and provide additional teaching.

To register for this online class email:

The cost for this course is $99, payable through paypal.