Meditation and Healing Rituals


We are being called.

  • To stand deeply rooted in our centers to hold the energy for change and awakening.
  • To allow the collective pain, anger and grief to open the deep ancestral wounds hidden within our bodies that we may heal them.
  • To remember our oneness with all beings as we allow our individual brilliance to emerge and lead us to Right Action.
  • To focus on a common vision of liberation and harmonious development for humanity.
  • To use the tension created by the collective fear and outrage to create the world we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren.

This series will support you in deepening and expanding your own regular practice with ancestral healing rituals and meditations, grounding and rooting Qigong and embodiment exercises.

Practicing in a group we activate and influence the collective field in a much more powerful way than by ourselves.

Class times: 
Tuesdays February 21- March 28
7 pm – 9 pm
Cost for entire series is $99 

Classes will be held at
29 Ravenscroft Dr. Suite #206 Asheville, NC 28801
To register please email or
call 828-275-8521
Maximum 8 participants