The 12 Nights of Christmas ~ an Online Immersion

The Right Time for introspection, excavation and divination

From our European ancestors we learn what Right Time means and when to excavate, reflect on and clear the past, divinate and map out the days to come.  Engaging in such work while in alignment with our own Soul is when we will begin to know Right Action.

Through the ages we have become disconnected and isolated from our Ancestor’s knowledge and wisdom. We no longer know how to access guidance from the spirits of nature and the cosmic energies, our own deep knowing of timing and action that comes from Being-ness.

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We have become the slaves of Doing-ness, which drives us to Do More Faster, in the futile attempt to achieve the projection of perfection that has been thrust upon us in this modern age. Doing-ness keeps us disconnected from our souls and our innate wisdom.

I have decided it is time to offer a special course that is unique in its timing.  Using guided meditation, Ancestral knowledge, self reflection, divination and dreaming, we will utilize those specific nights in the year that most support accessing your deepest wisdom, your innate gifts, your vision and your leadership.

The course spans from December 21st, the Winter Solstice, until January 6th, 3 Kings Day.

This is the threshold time of the 12 Nights and Days of Christmas and their origin lies with our European Grandmothers.

These are the days where the solar and lunar calendars overlap, the earth is closest to the sun and in the northern hemisphere the energy of the earth has dropped down to its roots.

This is the time when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thinnest and the spirits and energies of nature and the cosmos have more influence in the material world than at other times, this allows us to more easily access information vital to expressing our soul purpose.

In this course, we attune to these energies through intention, guided meditation and our attention. As we invite and integrate them into our Selves, we are not only aligning our personal rhythm with the cosmic rhythms but also clearing the way for our Soul purpose to act through us, setting impulses for the entire following year in every area of our lives.


Tammy Coffee

Hi I’m Tammy Coffee. I’m a Spiritual Mentor and I help women lead a grounded spiritual life without spiritual bypassing, religious dogma and the poison of culturally conditioned perfectionism. I specialize in working with spiritually oriented women who are our empaths, healers, artists, creatives and nurturers – who want to access their innate brilliance/ genius and to be led through life by their own natural ability- without getting diverted and demoralized by Doing-ness and dogma.

Instead, I show you how to access your deepest wisdom, your gifts, your vision and your leadership. I do that by creating live and online mentorship programs that help you create a spiritual practice that is grounding and deeply personal to you, while also holding space and giving counsel for the inevitable dissonance and internal conflict that rises up when we start to live an awakened life.

That way you don’t blame yourself for something that’s a collective experience, you get un-stuck with more ease, you move through it with grace, and you rise to embrace, embody and express your Soul Purpose.

We’re going to do that together – as awakening women on parallel paths, and as a community.

As soon as you register and pay for the course, you will receive an invitation to join a closed Facebook group that accompanies our course – because when a group comes together to share a process, each individual is more powerful. In this group I will be available for extra insights and advice on navigating your experience.

We begin on the Winter Solstice December 21st.

Winter Solstice is the turning point – after today the light returns – the days get longer, the nights shorter. But first we embrace the stillness…. All energies are in neutral… we go within and create space.

Now is the time to set your intention for the upcoming 12 Nights of Christmas and turn your attention inward. You will receive an email and an audio file with a guided meditation to ground and center and come into alignment with your soul. You can use this meditation every night to guide you into a deeply relaxed and centered state before you start the night’s exercises.  

The next 3 days are for preparation in your physical world, cleaning and straightening – bringing your surroundings into order. As without so within.

The 12 Nights begin on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Each night, attuned to the energies of the astrological archetypes that each month is ruled by, we align with our Soul, excavate, reflect on and clear the past, divinate and map out the year to come, then ask for direct guidance in our dreams.

You will receive a daily email from me detailing the energy of the day/night, short exercises guiding your reflections, clearings, divination and dream invitation.

The 12 Nights ends on January 6th, the Epiphany (manifestation) – or Three Kings Day. You will receive an Integration day email with tips on how to hold your space within your physical container and allow life to happen through you instead of to you.

I believe that living a spiritual life is living a life led by my Soul. It is a life of wholeness.

I believe the most fundamental form of Self Care is a spiritual practice that aligns body, mind and soul.

I believe that when we access and follow the wisdom of our ancestors we are connecting to the root of ourselves as whole human beings.

I believe that when we are attuned to Nature and the Cosmos, we make choices that will benefit the liberation and harmonious development of all beings.

We then shift from the striving of Doing-ness to the centered flow of Being-ness, recognizing Right Time and Right Action.

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When you register, you will be directed to a PayPal link. Once you have paid, you will receive an email with an invitation to our Facebook Group. On Dec. 21st the course begins.