January 6th ~ the Epiphany

These last days of the Raunachte, the 12 Nights of Christmas, have been bitterly cold here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Frau Holle, the Germanic goddess of the underworld and the wind, has been blowing relentlessly…the wild hunt on its last leg, now running back into the underworld.

Today is the Epiphany or 3 Kings Day. It is the day when the energies that have been whirled around and processed these last days of the 12 Nights, are anchored and “protected” so that they may become a solid foundation for the New Year.

In older days, and still today in the villages of and surrounding the European Alps, Today is the day the house and stables are smudged with the smoke of the herbs that were gathered at midsummer. This is to clear the energies and protect the homestead and all of the people and animals who reside there.

In some small villages the “wild journeymen” go on their Perchtenlauf, to chase the creatures of the Wild Hunt back into their own world.

Today is also the day children will dress up as the 3 Kings carrying a star and go door to door, singing, and writing blessings on every house door in the village. The blessing is written in white chalk (the spirits can’t see white apparently, making the blessing stronger) 2+C+0+M+1+B+8; Christus Mansionem Benedicat, Christ Bless this House.

The Epiphany is the emergence of your soul into the material world.

We have focused our attention these 12 Nights on several different threads from the fabric of our Soul.

You may have received hints….you may have received revelations….you may have received declarations….

Whatever you have experienced, these are gifts from your Soul….. Gifts that are wanting now to emerge and be expressed, more and more.

  • Which of your threads of the 12 Nights are you wishing to weave and anchor with your blessing into your life?


  • What is the path your Soul is dreaming into becoming?

For we are always and ever only becoming, there is no finish line to cross.


Over the course of the next year I invite you to take the time each month on the New Moon to go within…Read over your journaling from the 12 Nights. Repeat the Ritual of the Night that corresponds with the New Moon each month. Make a regular practice of checking in with your Soul, and ask the questions and dream again.


This will support you in correcting your course when you feel yourself veering off your Path.


Thank you for venturing on this journey with me.