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Spontaneous Healing- Myth, Magic or New Norm?

Why do we get sick? What does it take to heal?

In this workshop I share with you the most dramatic and transformative healings in my life.

I offer you the essence of what I have learned from those experiences and from working with thousands of people over the past 21 years.


  • An alternative way of viewing pain, illness and healing
  • A new paradigm in healing – one that is not dependent on medicine, supplements, placebos, foods, treatments or any other type of mainstream or holistic medicine.   
  • Half truths and myths inspired by the law of attraction
  • What is hindering you to heal quickly and easily
  • The difference between curing and healing
  • Ancient wisdom or new knowledge?
  • What is necessary to experience Spontaneous healing?
  • Can spontaneous healing be facilitated in others?


Spontaneous Healing is not just for the “Lucky Few”, “Believers” or “Special” ones.
It is available for everyone.

The only healing you will ever experience comes from within you.
Awaken your power.


Sunday October 28th

@Illuminate Psychic and Healing Arts Expo

Blue Ridge Community College

in the Conference Center
49 E Campus Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731