Christmas Eve- The 1st Night of Christmas


Today is the first day of the 12 Nights of Christmas.

Today’s energy is flavored by Capricorn – the first New Moon in 2018.

Capricorn is the one who assembles the structure upon which our life is built.

The light of the Capricorn constellation shines onto your soul from the background of the soul of the creator… this light activates your spiritual calling. Another word for your calling is your Soul Vocation.

You are here at this time on the earth to make manifest your Soul Purpose. Capricorn is an engineer of light and builds in tune with the natural forces, using inner alchemy to manifest heaven on Earth.

Journal questions:

·         Where in my life am I unconsciously living out the trauma of my ancestors that is hindering me being in alignment with my soul?

·         What cultural conditionings have I inherited from my ancestors that are keeping me from expressing my Soul Purpose?