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The origins of the 12 nights of Christmas are the Raunaechte of our European grandmothers; the in-between days where the solar and lunar calendars overlap. In- between times (or portal) are when the veil between the realms is thinnest. The wild hunt runs, and the spirits of nature have more influence in the material world than at other times.

Within these days is also the perihelion – the time when the earth is closest to the sun, and in the northern hemisphere the energy of the earth has dropped down to its roots.

According to our ancestor’s knowledge of Right Times, this is the time to align with our Soul, excavate, reflect on and clear the past, divinate and map out the days to come.

The Right Times are those times embedded within the rhythms of Nature and the Cosmos when a particular activity is most beneficial.

In older days, the wisdom keepers knew the Right Times for not only the Sacred rituals and ceremonies, but also the most mundane activities.

The times when washing the laundry was most effortless, because dirt came out easily and the cloth dried quickly. When to plant which seeds that they germinate surely, grow strong and bear the most fruit. When to make the jam and cut hair….water the houseplants, clean the windows, paint the walls and cut the timber.

Right Action is when we allow our Soul to (take action- Act) “work” and speak through us.

Right Action compels us to be compassionate within strong boundaries. When faced with conflict, instead of reacting to triggers, we can respond with curiosity and compassion. We have a soft, open heart and big, strong boundaries.

It directs us to be at the right place at the right time; we flow through life instead of working through it. We feel the pull of each mundane and sacred task wanting to be done at the Right Time.

We find the fulfillment of our purpose in following these magical synchronicities that lead us on our path and through our lives.

When we are attuned to Right Time and follow Right Action, we are embodying the state of being that our Soul Purpose is – the journey of our Path – instead of perceiving it as a finish line we must cross.

My Altar this month is now complete as I add my maternal grandmother.

Grandmother Shrine: I made this shrine with Amanda Heinz- Stevenson at Firestarter Shrines. Amanda is a deeply intuitive facilitator and guided me surely to create a shrine that honors my grandmother, and also supports much needed healing for me. When I see this shrine, I see a Chrysalis and know that neither she nor I were ever broken, there is nothing to fix. There is both the space of in- between and the void that will be filled with a letter of our own choosing. There is impermanence. There is the seed of something new that holds all the information of where it came from. May it bloom in it’s own time, dancing home, always home, led by that inner compass we must all eventually find; and leave it’s own seeds to bloom in their own way and time.

As I light my candle, I feel my bones vibrating now with the song of my ancestors. May their gifts continue to express themselves through me and those that follow me. May their pain and suffering be honored and respected.

May we all know our wholeness, always in all ways.

The Grandmothers are in my heart and now the join me on my Altar.

Grandmother Handiwork: Her hands were rarely idle. She crocheted, knitted, stitched, gardened, harvested, baked, researched our genealogy and she was the first person in our family to have a personal computer. She was still attending her weekly line dancing class in her late 80’s! She bridged the past with the present and through her devotion, discovered our ancestors were from south Germany and the Cherokee nation. She also loved to travel and did it often. She was as prim and proper as a well bred southern woman should be, could give “the eye” better than anyone I’ve ever met, and still had the most mirthful belly laughs.

Memaw, what I really would like from you……some of your talent for organization, your diligence and dedication; some of your ability to do All The Things with grace, because you loved doing the Things.

May we all find our love of what we do and do what we love.

Next Altar addition ~ 11-26-17

Today I add my paternal grandfather to my Altar. He was my first spiritual teacher and by his side was the safest space of my childhood.

Grandfather Crystal: My paternal grandfather was a rock hound, herb gardener, artist and to me a deeply spiritual man who had his communion outdoors. He told me the stories and legends of our indigenous ancestors as we walked in the forests, weeded his garden, canoed through the swamps and dug in the dirt looking for angel stones and crystals.

I light my candle and feel the bones my grandfather first taught me about. I feel his presence in the crystal I have before me. Through him I wish to deepen my connection to our ancestors and the to land where they both thrived and suffered.

May we all hear and heed the warning whispers of our ancestors.

Next Altar addition ~ 11-21-18


This weeks addition to my altar is in honor of my maternal grandfather.

Grandfather Art: Though there was much pain and violence in my grandfathers life, there were times when he was able to take that pain and make it into something beautiful.This is a black and white printout of a photo of one of his original oil paintings.

I light my candle. I feel my bones. I feel the bones of Mother Earth. I feel my ancestors stirring.

May everything that has passed from him to me be made into Art.

May we all take our pain and create something beautiful with it.

Next weeks Altar addition ~ 11-14-17

November, my birth month, begins and I turn my focus to my ancestors.

When I first moved to Germany almost 30 years ago, I was naively surprised to see that Halloween was not celebrated. Don’t judge ~ I knew they didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or the 4th of July!

November 1st is All Saints Day, a celebration of all Christian saints and a day of remembrance of those who have passed. I was deeply touched by the reverence with which the cemeteries were visited, candles lit and wreaths placed on the family graves. It is a quiet day to remember and honor the dead. Experiencing this holiday was what nudged me to research the origins of Halloween/Samhain and other pagan/ Christian celebrations.

This was the beginning my own personal practice.

This month I honor my Ancestors.

An ancestor altar can be used in a variety of powerful ways that should never be underestimated. This month I choose to focus on the aspects of my ancestors that I wish to more fully embody.

On my Altar this week:

Stones from here and there:  Stones are the bones of mother earth and we carry the information of our ancestors in our bones.

My ancestors were both immigrants from southern Germany and native Americans of the Cherokee Nation. On my altar are stones from my home in southern Germany and my home here in western North Carolina.

I light my candle and I focus my attention on feeling my bones and feeling the bones of mother earth. With this practice I come deeply into my body and know I AM HOME where ever I may wander. Being in such deep resonance with mother earth is a powerful grounding and embodiment practice that also awakens and amplifies the guiding whisper of the ancestors.

May you always hear the softest guidance of your ancestors and may you always know home.

Next week’s Altar addition coming 11-07-18

In my experience being seen and held in a space of love allows healing.

The events of the past few weeks have been overwhelming. So much tragedy and pain.

My altar has remained the same:

Divine Mother- this is one of the many images of the mother I love. The divine mother holds and loves. I sit with her to remind myself that I am held and I hold others. I am loved and I love. I am whole and when I feel this to be true I am giving others permission to know their wholeness.

The World- I have a glass globe. It lets the light shine through.

A piece of fallen wood from a virgin forest in the smoky mountains- Connecting with the ancient forests of my homeland allows me to connect with my ancestors who lived here so long ago.

We all carry the gifts and trauma of our ancestors within us and they determine so much of how our lives are lived.

A stone heart from the shore of Corsica- my youngest child found this and gifted it to me. This heart reminds me to open mine and keep it open no matter what.

I am an empath. Part of what that means is I feel others feelings as my own; both when I am with someone and also when many, many people are feeling strong feelings, I feel that as well. Not knowing what to do when those feelings hit me can be and is overwhelming.

In my personal practice I create a space through ritual where I know I am safe and can allow the pain and despair that is flowing to me from others to open and lay bare my own personal pain. Allowing this to happen also conjures up sometimes long forgotten/suppressed memories of pain. Sometimes there is no story to explain the pain, just the emotion rising. I focus on my altar and the objects upon it to keep myself centered in the present ( when strong emotions arise it is easy to fall back in time and get lost in the hurt) and to allow the feelings be felt and the person I was then to be seen and embraced. I hold space for My Self and in doing so I am holding space for all the others that are hurting.

May we all have the space necessary to hold our Selves in love.

May we ease the suffering.

May we heal the wounds.

One of my regular practices is a daily altar ritual. I usually set up my weekly altar on Sunday, feeling into the energy of the week and what I want to focus on.

This week we have the first new moon after the Total Eclipse. She is in Virgo and is already showing her power. She brings more change and the need to flow and adapt. She also reminds us of our deepest most painful wounds that want to be acknowledged and nursed.

It is also September…. All the energies of our personal year are intensified and brought clearly to the surface this month.

And it is the Autumn Equinox. A time to celebrate harvest, honor balance and give thanks.

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