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Today is the first New Moon of the New Year!

This is the Capricorn new moon.

Tonight is the Right Time to focus on your Spiritual Calling, your Soul Vocation. Whatever your focus tonight – it will be the center of your becoming for the next year.

Capricorn is an engineer of light and builds in tune with the natural forces, using inner alchemy to manifest heaven on Earth.
We have entered a Time of intense Becoming…the aspects of our Soul that have been longing to emerge are breaking through and into being.

Our Time is Now.



The origins of the 12 nights of Christmas are the Raunaechte of our European grandmothers; the in-between days where the solar and lunar calendars overlap. In- between times (or portal) are when the veil between the realms is thinnest. The wild hunt runs, and the spirits of nature have more influence in the material world than at other times.

Within these days is also the perihelion – the time when the earth is closest to the sun, and in the northern hemisphere the energy of the earth has dropped down to its roots.

According to our ancestor’s knowledge of Right Times, this is the time to align with our Soul, excavate, reflect on and clear the past, divinate and map out the days to come.

The Right Times are those times embedded within the rhythms of Nature and the Cosmos when a particular activity is most beneficial.

In older days, the wisdom keepers knew the Right Times for not only the Sacred rituals and ceremonies, but also the most mundane activities.

The times when washing the laundry was most effortless, because dirt came out easily and the cloth dried quickly. When to plant which seeds that they germinate surely, grow strong and bear the most fruit. When to make the jam and cut hair….water the houseplants, clean the windows, paint the walls and cut the timber.

Right Action is when we allow our Soul to (take action- Act) “work” and speak through us.

Right Action compels us to be compassionate within strong boundaries. When faced with conflict, instead of reacting to triggers, we can respond with curiosity and compassion. We have a soft, open heart and big, strong boundaries.

It directs us to be at the right place at the right time; we flow through life instead of working through it. We feel the pull of each mundane and sacred task wanting to be done at the Right Time.

We find the fulfillment of our purpose in following these magical synchronicities that lead us on our path and through our lives.

When we are attuned to Right Time and follow Right Action, we are embodying the state of being that our Soul Purpose is – the journey of our Path – instead of perceiving it as a finish line we must cross.

You can choose where your conscious attention is directed.


What are you thinking about? Right now? 5 seconds ago?


The thoughts you entertain direct your attention.

(the thoughts you entertain give you a good idea of where your true attention actually is)

Most of your energy is not with your thoughts.

Most of your energy is used to keep your shadows in the dark, to protect your core wound and to keep the conflict between your core wound and your deepest values.


Your darkest shadow is the conflict between your core wound and your deepest values. Your core wound is where your deepest fears lie.

Your deepest values are the playground/ garden in which your soul wants to play.

As long as you choose to put your conscious attention primarily on what is happening outside of yourself, your unconscious will rule your life. Which means the greater part of your energy will be tied up

As so much of your energy is tied up, you feel the need to gather energy from outside sources.

The easiest source for energy is from other people in the form of their attention. The way you manipulate others into giving you their attention (energy) is directly tied to your core wound/shadow

Your biggest problem is the fact that you are cut off from the Source of energy within you.

You are looking to be fed from outside of yourself.

Your core wound is that which has been built like a wall around your access to your source energy.

This source is deep within your body, located in your pelvis, protected by the first 3 chakras. As long as you are cut off from source, you will engage in drama and behaviors to secure energy from others.

Once you become aware of your primary control drama and what value/wound you are protecting (where your energy is engaged) you can consciously choose to direct your attention on embodying a more expansive aspect of your True Self


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You did not choose the bad things that happened to you in your life. Even if you did happen to grow from them. NO ONE chooses the bad, negative, hurtful and unfortunate or tragic things that happen; whether they are accidents or illnesses, attacks or abuse.

What I have observed and found confirmation of in ancient Taoist teachings and shamanic healing practices from all over the world, is summed up as this-

“90% of our problems are caused by our ancestors.” Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

·        90% of the situations you experience, the illness you develop, even the thoughts running in your mind- are not yours.

In its most simple form on the physical level, your body is made of cells- these cells are carrying the information of your ancestors. Emotional trauma turns genes on and/or off and is passed down through the generations. We all carry ancestral memory within us, and it is these memories that are triggered within us beginning in childhood that are the major determinants of our life path.

When those in the new age movement claim we all create our own reality and that everything happens for a reason, that we choose for the situations in our lives to happen in the way they happen… what are the most common reactions?

·         Guilt… I created this bed of nails, now I have to lie in it.

·        Anger…. No one chooses to be born as a poor hungry child that dies in war, or no one chooses to be abused, raped, murdered or worse.

And that is absolutely true. No one chooses the bad things that happen to them.

When you are born and begin to incarnate into this world, you inherit a body that carries the emotional imprints of a least 7 generations of your ancestors. The unique mixture of these emotional imprints from both maternal and paternal sides affects how you experience your environment and how you express yourself. These are further defined in childhood.

The memories and emotional trauma of our ancestors that we carry in our bodies chooses for us. (Law of attraction explained.) This means, we unconsciously choose behaviors and situations that repeat/ match our ancestors behaviors and circumstances.

Until it doesn’t anymore; that is until we make that fact conscious and choose to live differently.

Living differently is consciously choosing to inhabit your cells, to claim your health, your circumstances, and your life as your own. Transforming the trauma of your ancestors into the gifts they were meant to be.


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My Altar this month is now complete as I add my maternal grandmother.

Grandmother Shrine: I made this shrine with Amanda Heinz- Stevenson at Firestarter Shrines. Amanda is a deeply intuitive facilitator and guided me surely to create a shrine that honors my grandmother, and also supports much needed healing for me. When I see this shrine, I see a Chrysalis and know that neither she nor I were ever broken, there is nothing to fix. There is both the space of in- between and the void that will be filled with a letter of our own choosing. There is impermanence. There is the seed of something new that holds all the information of where it came from. May it bloom in it’s own time, dancing home, always home, led by that inner compass we must all eventually find; and leave it’s own seeds to bloom in their own way and time.

As I light my candle, I feel my bones vibrating now with the song of my ancestors. May their gifts continue to express themselves through me and those that follow me. May their pain and suffering be honored and respected.

May we all know our wholeness, always in all ways.

What does being embodied look and feel like?

When you are embodied you are truly present and deeply relaxed in your body, moving through the world from your deepest center. In this state there is no mind chatter. You feel every bit of your body, and your movements are intentional, strong, effortless and fluid.

Your intuition (thoughts that arise from within) leads you effortlessly through life (your movement, actions and response).

You do not perceive yourself as separate from your body. You are not a bright spirit encaged within a physical form. You take ownership and are one with it. You feel the aliveness within life. You have brought your compassionate awareness to all of your organs and bones, your muscles and blood, each of your cells. You as Soul become intertwined with the physical, no longer separate. Every cell pulsates with spirit.

It is Soul that engages the body in a mystical dance through matter.

To begin the process of embodiment, you begin grounding into your body and before you begin that, it is really important for you to know what to expect

Being grounded is being very present in your body.

For many people, being more fully engaged with the body and grounded into it is comforting in the beginning. Many describe the physical feeling as being heavy, they feel shorter, more compact, their legs and feet tingle. A sense of calmness and peace overcomes one.

Being in the body means feeling it!

All of it.

This is where it often gets messy; and sometimes confusing.

When you are present in your body, you will begin to feel all the feelings you have not wanted to feel.

If you are like most people, you began leaving your body in early childhood. There were feelings that were too big, too overwhelming to be fully felt in the tiny body you inhabited at the time.

These not felt feelings are not necessarily all “negative”, sometimes, actually quite often our young selves felt overflowing joy that wanted to be expressed through loud singing, laughing and/or dancing and we were chastised for it, usually vehemently. That in itself was enough to cause us to disengage from those feelings. And in doing so, we disengaged from the body.

These feelings have been stored in your body and as you return to it, those feelings will arise to be felt.

Physical pain and discomfort may also emerge in the form of long forgotten issues/ discomforts you “used to” have. Old injuries may flare up, pain and discomfort you are experiencing now may get “worse”.

That doesn’t seem fair now does it? You want to feel better not worse!

 Because parts of you will come up and say exactly that, “it’s not fair” “I don’t want that hurt” that Self-care becomes paramount.

Self -care is not grounding, though some do describe it that way. Self-care is what helps keep us in our bodies, and is absolutely necessary to ensure not only the process of healing but to being healthy in every aspect of our being and to fulfilling the expression our Soul longs for. The self- care I am speaking of is not bubble baths and chocolate. Though that certainly feels fabulous and can be a wonderful treat and needed respite.

The self- care I speak of is self-compassion. Not only the cessation of negative judgement and berating self-talk, but gentle acceptance of the one doing the judging and berating.

One deeply supportive self-care practice is listening to the body and the traumatized parts of one’s self with compassionate curiosity. One way to begin doing this is to lay a hand gently on the part of you that is hurting or uncomfortable and to quietly say “Hmmmmm…..I wonder”. Just “I wonder”…. Don’t even wonder what yet. No expectations. No judgements.

Do this.

As your practice.

Just for today.


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Part 1


Your body is an amazing creature.

 It heals itself.

It self- regulates, self- rejuvenates, and self- repairs.

Nothing else outside of the body can perform this.

No person. No treatment. No surgery. No medicine.

External factors can, at the most, support the body in its functions and at the very least, stop hindering and interfering with it.

If this is so, then why do we sometimes stay sick and why do we even get sick in the first place?

We could talk about causes for illness such as bacteria and viruses, pesticides and hormones in our food, dirty air and contaminated water, stress, cigarettes and alcohol, fat and sugar…. The list could & does go on and on.

And yes, all these things will make us sick. But is it the only Truth?

In 1997, I experienced the spontaneous and instantaneous healing of my crushed left hand following a near fatal car accident. Since that night I have been on a mission to learn the whole truth about healing; to learn how it was possible for broken bones to not only heal overnight but to realign themselves without surgery. To learn how it is possible for wounds to disappear as if they had never been there? To learn what else can heal so quickly and completely?

One of the first things I learned was – suffering and illness and even injury result from not living my truth, from not being grounded and centered in alignment with my soul, in other words “embodied”.

When my thoughts and behaviors are not a reflection of the expression my soul is yearning for, then I am on autopilot. And when I am on “autopilot”, forces other than my own conscious awareness are forming my reality.

What does this all really mean?

The process of embodiment is the process of consciously continuing our incarnation. The incarnation process began the moment you were conceived and continues on today.

Your soul was attracted to the body you now inhabit at the moment of conception. It then surrounded the developing embryo – touching and tasting the flesh, becoming acquainted with it, beginning to know it. At the moment of birth – just as you left your mother’s body – your soul began to enter your body slowly, bit by bit – for if this happened any faster, the body would be overwhelmed. The bright light of the soul would overload the body’s nervous system.

Now, just as when you were conceived, the Soul is still surrounding your body. Imagine a shimmering opaque donut… a torus…. within a sphere, and your body is standing in the center of this sphere, right in the hole of the donut.

This is your Soul Sphere

Your body has an entire energy system. The soul sphere is primarily connected to the nervous system of the body through 2 entry points …. One at the base of the skull and one at the base of the spine.

You can imagine the Soul energy as a sort of electrical energy, just as the information flowing through your nervous system is electric in nature.

Energy informs the cells and blood, which informs the organs, bones and other physical systems, enlivening the body.

As stated above, the incarnation process begins at conception and ideally continues through childhood into young adulthood. Always in cycles and rhythms until about age 21 and then the integration process begins and continues until ages 27 -32. Ideally by age 32 a soul is fully incarnated and integrated into the body.

But in reality the process is disturbed…

The reasons for disruption are many and varied.

  1. Trauma of the ancestors- the changes brought about in the DNA of the ancestors that is passed on to the progeny will only allow a superficial (automatic) connection of the soul to the cells. Only enough to activate the trauma in the cell. Hindering the full occupancy of the soul.
  2. Lived emotional trauma- causes the disengagement of the soul to the particular cells /part of the body that is involved
  3. Intense, overwhelming emotions that are felt but rebuked by outside forces (parents, caregivers) or inner anguish ( not being comforted and led through the experiencing of emotions)

These are a few, but most certainly not all of the most prevalent causes for the incarnation and integration process to be hindered.

When we are not fully embodied and in alignment with our Soul, every shock (whether physical, mental or emotional) can and usually will be the actual cause of illness.

In order to be whole and that means to heal and be healed – we must embody these parts of soul that desire expression, integrating them into our Body/Mind.

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The Grandmothers are in my heart and now the join me on my Altar.

Grandmother Handiwork: Her hands were rarely idle. She crocheted, knitted, stitched, gardened, harvested, baked, researched our genealogy and she was the first person in our family to have a personal computer. She was still attending her weekly line dancing class in her late 80’s! She bridged the past with the present and through her devotion, discovered our ancestors were from south Germany and the Cherokee nation. She also loved to travel and did it often. She was as prim and proper as a well bred southern woman should be, could give “the eye” better than anyone I’ve ever met, and still had the most mirthful belly laughs.

Memaw, what I really would like from you……some of your talent for organization, your diligence and dedication; some of your ability to do All The Things with grace, because you loved doing the Things.

May we all find our love of what we do and do what we love.

Next Altar addition ~ 11-26-17

Today I add my paternal grandfather to my Altar. He was my first spiritual teacher and by his side was the safest space of my childhood.

Grandfather Crystal: My paternal grandfather was a rock hound, herb gardener, artist and to me a deeply spiritual man who had his communion outdoors. He told me the stories and legends of our indigenous ancestors as we walked in the forests, weeded his garden, canoed through the swamps and dug in the dirt looking for angel stones and crystals.

I light my candle and feel the bones my grandfather first taught me about. I feel his presence in the crystal I have before me. Through him I wish to deepen my connection to our ancestors and the to land where they both thrived and suffered.

May we all hear and heed the warning whispers of our ancestors.

Next Altar addition ~ 11-21-18


This weeks addition to my altar is in honor of my maternal grandfather.

Grandfather Art: Though there was much pain and violence in my grandfathers life, there were times when he was able to take that pain and make it into something beautiful.This is a black and white printout of a photo of one of his original oil paintings.

I light my candle. I feel my bones. I feel the bones of Mother Earth. I feel my ancestors stirring.

May everything that has passed from him to me be made into Art.

May we all take our pain and create something beautiful with it.

Next weeks Altar addition ~ 11-14-17