Boulder, CO 2019

Embrace Your Healing Power Within


Friday April 5th, 2019   6 PM to 9 PM

Saturday April 6th, 2019   10 AM to 6 PM

3525 Nyland Way – Lafayette, CO 80026        303-579-5581


Spontaneous Healing – Myth, Magic or New Norm

Your body is an amazing creature. It heals itself. It self-regulates, self-rejuvenates, and self-repairs. Nothing else outside of the body can perform this. No person. No treatment. No surgery. No medicine.

I invite you to open yourself to a new experience ~

Spontaneous Healing is not just for the “Lucky Few”, “Believers” or “Special” ones.
It is available for everyone. I know that because I have experienced it, in a most dramatic and trans-formative way.

In this workshop, I will share with you my encounter with Spontaneous Healing and offer you the essence of what I have distilled from that experience and from working with thousands of people over the past 21 years.

I will also lead you into a powerful meditation where you will be guided to intimately connect with your divine source and re-experience the feelings of Awe, Wonder, Love and Joy.

Together we will direct the light of consciousness into our depths, seeing what wants to be seen, Witnessing what has been hidden and is longing to emerge.

Some of what we will investigate together:

Alternative ways of viewing pain, illness, and healing.

A new paradigm in healing not dependent on medicine, supplements, placebos, foods, treatments or any other type of mainstream or holistic medicine.   

Half-truths and myths inspired by the Law of Attraction.

What is hindering you to heal quickly and easily?

The difference between curing and healing.

Ancient wisdom or new knowledge?

What is necessary to experience Spontaneous healing?

Can spontaneous healing be facilitated in others?

I invite you to open yourself to new possibilities ~ The possibility of dramatic physical healing, the awakening of your consciousness and the emergence of your one True Self.


The only healing you will ever experience comes from within you.
Awaken your power.

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