All or Nothing?

” Life has a way of testing a person´s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” – Paulo Coelho


Those times in life. Yeah, you know those times. When you´re chomping at the bit, pawing the sand, ready to go. And then Life says, – not.just.yet.

You know. When everything could happen.

But nothing does.

Then, there are the times where everything happens all at once. Right?! New clients start coming in, the house is ready to be moved into, school starts, new routines want to be made, business takes off, the phone is ringing, the emails overflowing.

So what is up with that ? What ever happened to balance?

I believe that “Balance” is a Lie. Yep. A LIE.

Life cannot be balanced. If it were,  everything would always be the same. And while my OCD self craves the imagined structure and security that balance would bring, it is nonetheless a Myth. Life is like the ebb and flow of the tide.

I cannot divide myself into tiny pieces, simultaneously devote the same amount of attention to my children, to my work, to my partner, to my self.

My way to survive, and more recently to even thrive in this crazy mix of Times, is to be in-between.

I have found this to be more of a space, a place, a state of being. The in-between is where I sit and breathe.

It is where my sanity lives.

It is where I relax, and say to myself ” It´s Okay”.

It is where I reassure myself when the times are stagnate, that Life will move and flow once again- it has no other choice.

Then those fat, grey clouds open up and it rains and it floods.

Life not only flows, it starts raging. Raging fast and hard.

It is sometimes so easy to get swept away from who you really are, and once again thrust into survival mode.

In-between is where I go to remind myself to slow back down and take one step at a time. Be mindful. Be present.

I wish for all of us to remember often, to be in the in – between.

In the in-between is the space where we live Life. Where we can thrive Life.

What do you do when nothing happens at all, or everything happens at once?

2 thoughts on “All or Nothing?

  1. Cliff

    I saw evidence of this when I was still in high school. During the summer I had a job in a gas station from midnight to 6 a.m. This was a time when you still ‘serviced’ the car, washed windows, checked oil, etc. All through the night, it would go from no cars for around for a half hour and I would be falling asleep, to 3 or 4 cars all at one time… it would repeat this way… drove me nuts I wondered why that was. I finally realized that that is the natural way, UNLESS there was someone up the street monitoring the cars and releasing one at a time according to a timer, then they will come randomly… and bunch up. So is true with life… many things you call good, many things you call bad, they won’t be evenly disbursed… they’ll ‘bunch up.’ There is no one disbursingly them evenly. So I appreciate this quote though I don’t think life is ‘consciously’ testing you, its just that it becomes a test of your ability to deal with it anyway. Thanks for the quote.

  2. Dora

    This is exactly what I am experiencing at the moment. I am very puzzled by this phenomenon. At first total stagnation, silence, nothingness and then out of sudden an avalanche of events, opportunities, choices, phone calls, emails…an overwhelming accumulation of things!

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