About Ro

Tammy Coffee

As a medicine woman, medical intuitive, healer and embodiment educator Ro Marlen (former Tammy Coffee) has inspired many people all over the world with her breakthrough methods for healing the body and mind.

 As a spiritual mentor she assists others in achieving their soul purpose through the practice of descending into the physical,and embodying the Whole Self.

In February 1997 Ro had her first experience with Instantaneous Healing after a near fatal car accident. Her left hand was crushed, and to the amazement of all, the bones realigned themselves and healed completely… with no intervention… Overnight.

The events of that cold, dark night radically and fundamentally changed her life. Realizing she had witnessed and received a “miracle”, it became her primary focus to learn how to replicate the healing and transformation she had experienced and share that with others.

She subsequently studied with many global intuitive masters and well known experts, searching for answers while refining and honing her in-born gifts.

Devoting thousands of hours to her spiritual practice and studies over the course of many years, she has developed an array of profoundly simple and deeply effective practices to facilitate healing on multiple levels of the human experience.

My Story

My name is Ro Marlen. I was born as Tammy Coffee.

I was clairvoyant as a child and I had a fine perception of the world around me. I heard the murmurings of the plants and insects; the songs of the wind and the rain. My world included beings invisible to others. These beings have acted as guides, teachers and protectors throughout my life.

When I was 9 years old, I realized I was different. No one else heard the voices, or saw the colors and beings that I did. This frightened me, and I instinctively shut down my finer perception. This led me almost immediately to experiencing horrible migraines that lasted for many years.

In my early 20’s my suppressed clairvoyance returned to my awareness.  I was incredibly curious about the nature of these new found abilities. I sought out information, and figuratively devoured an entire library worth of books – sifting through the information, taking for myself only that which felt intuitively right. As I went through this process of learning and sorting, the guides and teachers of my childhood made themselves known to me again.

A few years later, I was faced with a decision; either I stop being “different” or I would soon be a single mother of 2 young children. My first husband had difficulty with the person I was becoming – so radically different from the young woman he had married.

I made the sensible decision and vowed to be “normal”. I would pack away my full self and dutifully fulfill the roles society and the culture I lived in expected of me.

A week after making this decision I was involved in a major car accident. My left hand was crushed beneath the vehicle I was driving.

<You can read details about the accident and spontaneous healing here.>

In the hospital, overnight, my hand spontaneously healed with no medical intervention.

What I saw and experienced that night, radically and fundamentally changed my life. I knew that my path involved being a catalyst in some way for healing.

It was my mission to “figure out” what exactly happened to me that magical night, and how can I help other people experience the same thing for themselves.

I sought out healers, teachers, medical research, any information I could find, about what I had experienced. I didn’t find much… mainly speculation. Spontaneous healings were attributed to either the “specialness” of the healer or to placebo.

I examined My experience and it told me a different story.

My experience told me a story of surrender. Of unconditional love and acceptance. Of awe and wonder. Of what I have come to call Radical Compassion.  

And so I continued my journey, focusing my clairvoyance on Seeing what was real, what was truth behind the stories we believe about pain and illness.

I worked with people who came to me for healing.

With the help of my spirit guides and teachers I developed a daily spiritual practice and training.

After 11 years of daily practice and working with hundreds of people, one day a miracle happened.

A dear friend had poured boiling water over her hand one morning. When I took my friend’s hand into mine, I told her it might hurt more before it felt better. She acknowledged this and then I took a look, and began to treat the burn by holding my hand over hers while I clairvoyantly examined it. At that moment she whimpered… and I felt an almost overwhelming rush of radical compassion fill my body… the exact feeling I had after my car accident years earlier.  Immediately and instantaneously the blisters disappeared and the pain was gone as if it had never been there.

Soon after, these instantaneous healings became daily occurrences and I became known as a miracle worker. Ummmm….No.

I retreated into silence…. (I hid in my house) for about a week with one objective…. To figure out how to continue my work while also empowering others to realize their own innate healing power within. For this is what was happening… I was only a catalyst for healing to happen.

During my silence I just happened to ask the right question – How can I help people to heal without them seeing me as the healer?

I received an answer.

I began sharing what I had learned with small groups in the village in Germany where I lived for many years. I was astounded by the miracles that occured before me, the acts of surrender to the Divine within us that affects the change that is needed to feel whole. This work, that is actually an endless surrender, is fascinating and beautiful in so many ways.

Then in 2011 I heard a call to leave Germany, my home of 23 years and go to the country of my birth. I resisted at first, but one can only resist a calling for so long. In 2013 I arrived in Asheville, NC.

The move and accompanying culture shock left me ungrounded, raw and physically ill. It took me the better part of 3 years to regain my health and resume my practices.

Those experiences brought me a deeper and more expansive intellectual understanding of the healing work I have dedicated my life to. This work is constantly deepening and expanding, new levels of brilliance emerging every week. The process becomes more profound every time I have an opportunity to serve.

It is now 2018, I am being called to serve others outside of myself and my family again.

As I serve others, I am serving the liberation and harmonious development of all beings.

My infinite love and humble gratitude to all expressions of the creator. For that is all there is.