9th Night of Christmas

Today is the ninth day of the 12 Nights of Christmas.

Today’s energy is flavored by Virgo – the New Moon in September 2018.

Virgo is the one who serves.

The light of the Virgo constellation shines onto your soul from the background of the soul of the creator… this light activates your Soul Service.

To be of Service… Your service may be your Vocation, it may be your Craft, It may be and is anything you feel called to do at any moment in time. It is the giving of yourself by flowing love out of your Self through your actions and into the world. The challenge is to overcome the urge for perfection, for it will leave you feeling anxious and critical. Allow yourself to let go of how things Should be.

Journal questions:

  • What trauma of my ancestors separates me from my innate Trust in the perfection of all things?
  • What social and cultural conditionings do I have, that tell me I must in some way be perfect before I may serve?