3rd Night of Christmas

Today is the third day of the 12 Nights of Christmas.

Today’s energy is flavored by Pisces – the New Moon in March 2018.

Pisces is the one who strikes the hearttone of universal love so that others may follow. The one who feels the pain of humanity and allows it to flow back as love into the world.

The light of the Pisces constellation shines onto your soul from the background of the soul of the creator… this light activates the container that holds your soul; your boundaries.

This is the power of feeling the pain of the collective and influencing your environment by being a Spiritual Pacemaker – setting the Heart-tone for others to follow.

Journal questions:

·         What trauma in the past has been repeated that keeps me from honoring my personal boundaries? When am I not honoring others’ boundaries?

·         What social and cultural conditionings keep me from honoring and respecting my body as the physical container for my soul?