10th Night of Christmas

Today is the tenth day of the 12 Nights of Christmas.

Today’s energy is flavored by Libra – the New Moon in October 2018.

Libra is the one who embodies balance.

The light of the Libra constellation shines onto your soul from the background of the soul of the creator… this light activates your ability to embody Harmony and Balance.

To be in Harmony and Balance is to have a deep understanding of Right Relationship between all things; the heavenly bodies, the beautiful planet we live on and all of the beings that inhabit it. Your Will to fully embody your life force leads you to the Wisdom of Balance and Harmony. This wisdom is in knowing the point of balance that honors all things equally. You are not more or less worth than anything or anyone.

Journal questions:

  • What trauma of my ancestors is the cause of my fear of fully embodying my life force?
  • What social and cultural conditionings do I have that tell me I do not matter as much as others? That I matter More than others?