Embrace. Embody. Express.

Hi I’m Tammy Coffee. I’m a Medical Intuitive, Healer, Mentor and Embodiment Educator and I help people lead a grounded, whole and vibrant life without spiritual bypassing, religious dogma or the poison of culturally conditioned perfectionism.

I specialize in working with spiritually oriented people who are our empaths, healers, artists, creatives and nurturers – who want to access their innate healing power , their personal brilliance/ genius and  to be led through life by their own natural ability- without getting diverted and demoralized by Doing-ness and dogma.

Instead, I show you how to access your deepest wisdom, your gifts, your vision and your leadership. I do that by creating live and online mentorship programs that help you create a spiritual practice that is grounding and deeply personal to you, while also holding space and giving counsel for the inevitable dissonance and internal conflict that rises up when we start to live an awakened life.

That way you don’t blame yourself for something that’s a collective experience, you get un-stuck with more ease, you move through it with grace, and you rise to embrace, embody and express your Soul Purpose.

We’re going to do that together – as awakening humans on parallel paths, and as a community.